Templates: Introduction page (video & article)

The introduction page is your opportunity to share with prospects a little bit about who you are, what you are proposing to do for them, and insight into your process. You may require a different template depending on the type of job (roofing, painting, construction, etc.) or person (owner, sales manager, operations coordinator, etc.).

Use the following steps to create and save a personalized and customized template:

1. Under the introduction page, click on 'view templates'

2. A pop up will appear with an option to view 'My Templates' (for templates available only for you) or 'Shared Templates' (available for your whole team). 

3. Select your preferred template by clicking the green 'Use This' button

4. Your desired template selection will appear in the text box on the introduction page.

5. Feel free to adjust or edit this template for your specific customer or create a new template in the text box from scratch.

6. If you wish to save any changes made to your template or save a template you built from scratch for future use, click on the 'save as template' button below.

7. A pop up will appear prompting you to give your template a name and the option to "share with all users" if you wish to make this template available to the rest of your team. 

8. This template will now be available under the "Shared Templates" and will appear at the bottom of the list.

9. If you want to edit your template in any way and save changes, please repeat the process and give your template the exact same name.

10. In the "Shared Templates" section, you will then notice two templates with the exact same name. The bottom one is the "new" template you just saved and the one on top can now be deleted. 

11. To view what your introduction will look like as a PDF, click on the 'View Page' button on the top right side of the page at any point.

12. Once you click 'View Page', an example of your introduction page as a PDF will appear.