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How do I use Templates? (video & article)

At SumoQuote, we’re obsessed with saving contractors time - that’s why we have templates practically everywhere. You can build a quote once, save it, then re-use it company-wide forever. Templates can be created from 3 pages in SumoQuote: 1) INTRODUCTION; 2) QUOTE DETAILS and; 3) AUTHORIZATION.

Templates: Introduction page (video & article)

The introduction page is your opportunity to share with prospects a little bit about who you are, what you are proposing to do for them, and insight into your process. You may require a different template depending on the type of job (roofing, painting, construction, etc.) or person (owner, sales manager, operations coordinator, etc.). Use the following steps to create and save a personalized and customized template: 1. Under the introduction page, click on 'view templates' 2. A pop up will...

Templates: Quote Details / Pricing page (article)

The Quote Details page is where you list descriptions, quantities, and prices for the materials you use. The description for each line item can show up in a drop down menu for auto-population if you upload your price data into SumoQuote (for more information on this, please see the Price Data tutorial). How to use the Quote Details page: 1. Name your quote by clicking on the "Edit" button at the top of the page. Once you name it, this name will appear in the quote tab in green. 2. If y...

Templates: Authorization / Signing page (article)

The authorization page has 5 important features: a) It is where the prospects can choose which quote they want to move forward with (the roof, deck, or siding - or all 3! OR, they can choose from the good/better/best options). b) Important legal information can be included in the header/footer on the authorization page c) Prospects can select optional upgrades d) Information from prospects can be gathered (i.e. roof color, siding colour, etc. OR policy #, claim #, date of loss, etc.) e) Th...

What is the default layout? (video)

Write quotes faster than ever by setting up your company’s default layout. You can add your insurance certificate, standard upgrades, or make changes to terms and conditions and warranty pages. Your default layout applies to every new estimate your company writes (this won't change your previous quotes). Put a new high-end quote into the hands of every salesperson on your team, in one click (the publish button).

Defaults: Title page (video)

Defaults: Introduction page (video)

Defaults: Quote Details (Pricing page) (video)

Defaults: Terms & Conditions (video)

Defaults: Warranty page (video)

Defaults: Adding Custom PDFs (video)