SumoQuote Setup (8 short videos)

01. Creating new Projects and Reports

In this video we will walk you through the difference between setting up a new project and then creating new reports within that project. 

02. Integrations - Company Cam & JobNimbus

Learn how to setup your Company Cam and JobNimbus integrations with SumoQuote. 


03. Branding

Set your report style, logo, colors, and company details for each report you create. 


04. Difference between Layouts and Templates

Layouts are the overall structure of your quote/proposal/estimate/bid. Templates can be used INSIDE of layouts to give you a fast and easy way to change your pricing or introduction letters. 


05. Layouts

Set your Default Layout before creating any reports in SumoQuote! Your Default Layout determines what your standard report will look like. 

06. Templates

Create templates in SumoQuote to make building quotes faster and more efficient. Templates can be created from 3 sections in SumoQuote: 1) Introduction page; 2) Quote Details (or Pricing) page; and 3) Authorization (or signing) page.


07. Add Custom Pages

Add customized marketing pages such as an About Us section, Financing page, or COVID-19 awareness and strategy disclaimer. Any PDF can be inserted into SumoQuote. 


08. eSigning

Email quotes to customers for eSigning or have them sign on the spot when you're standing in front of them with a tablet and an internet connection!