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Making Quotes That Sell (video)

Quotes that are clear and concise sell way more work, that's why we like to keep quoting simple. On SumoQuote you can easily price out projects with the customer in mind. Build formats like these to close more jobs: - Good, Better, and Best - Optional Upgrades - Add Discounts and Deductibles - Multi-Quote Templates Watch the video below to learn how to price projects like a pro.

Adding Custom Pages / PDFs (video)

You want your company's quotes to be totally unique and incredibly flexible, so SumoQuote allows you to include any PDF you want.* That's right, you can add Word/Pages documents, insurance certificates, manufacturer sell sheets, and so much more directly into your quotes. Export anything to a PDF, then upload it to your quote. Watch the video below to learn how to upload PDFs and add them to your quotes.

How To Set My Branding (article)

You can make your quotes look amazing by adding your own company's branding to every quote. Upload your logo, company information and colors to give your reports some punch. 1. Click on 'Configuration' 2. Click on 'Branding' 3. Select a 'report style' from the 6 options available 4. Drag and drop your company logo 5. Set your company's primary and secondary colors 6. Input your company information

Change Orders / Duplicate Report (article)

Step 1) From the main page or projects page in SumoQuote, click on the 'details' button of a project button you want to work on Step 2) On the bottom right side of a report you wish to duplicate, click on the three little dots icon '...' and then click 'duplicate Step 3 ) This will produce a copy of the report. Be sure to give this new copy a new name on the title page so as to not get confused.

Profit margin / Admin Fee/ Labor Charge (article)

Use the "Tax" function in SumoQuote to add an 'admin' fee or 'profit' margin to your projects. Step 1) Click on 'Configuration' and then click on 'Tax' Step 2) Under Tax name, list a name for the type of percentage charge you would like to add to each project and set the % amount below. Step 3) Click "Save Tax" Now this 'tax' or 'fee' will be charged on every project.