How do I setup my Terms and Conditions? (article)

Step 1) Click on 'configuration'

Step 2) Click on 'default layout' 

Step 3) Click on 'terms and conditions' on the left side of the page

Step 4) Edit the terms and conditions within the text box in the middle of the screen OR upload a PDF from your desktop by selecting the PDF dial 

Step 5) You can also require customers to 'acknowledge' the terms and conditions before signing by switching on the green toggle at the top right of the page.

Step 6) Once you have setup your terms and conditions the way you like, be sure to click the green publish button at the top right side of the screen! The terms and conditions will now be applied to all NEW reports created from the moment you click the publish button on. Past reports will not be impacted by editing the terms and conditions under the default layout.